Ledro Sky - Senter dele Greste

The race

Ledro Sky - Senter dele Greste

Organisation and event

The “Ledro Sky - Senter dele Greste” race is organised by SSD Tremalzo, in collaboration with Pro Loco Mezzolago.
The race is set to begin on Sunday 13rd June 2021, at 9am, leaving from the park in the village of Mezzolago (675m), in the Municipality of Ledro (TN).

Program 2021

Saturday 12th June 2021:

from 16.00 to 18.00, race numbers, chips and race packs are handed out at the race office in Mezzolago.

Sunday 7th June 2020:

- 07.00: race numbers, chips and race packs are handed out at the race office in Mezzolago;
- 08.30: call to the start line, checking the athletes present and subsequent race briefing;
- 09.00: the “Ledro Sky - Senter dele Greste” begins;
- 12.30: the pasta party begins;
- 15.00: award ceremony.

Il The route

19 km - 1610 D+

The race will start from the park in the village of Mezzolago (675m), in the Municipality of Ledro. From here, thanks to the promenade that runs alongside Lake Ledro, competitors reach the historic centre of Pieve di Ledro (668 m).

Competitors then take the SAT 454 trail that climbs towards Malga Saval (1692 m), passing through the village of Rave (1060 m), where the first refreshment stand is set up. Runners then go over the Cocca Pass (1360 m) and continue until they reach the pastures of the Saval valley.
Once they reach Malga Saval (1692 m), they continue in the direction of Mount Carèt (1793 m) and then descend again towards Bocca Saval (1740 m). Here, there is the second refreshment stand and the first time check point, set at 2 hours and 15 minutes into the race.

At this point, competitors begin to run up towards the Parì summit (1988 m), on top of which there’s the “flying sprint” in memory of Damiano Gnuffi, a passionate runner from Ledro and cofounder of S.S.D. Tremalzo. After the summit, competitors take the "Senter dele Greste" trail. Along the ridge, remaining at high altitude, runners reach the Sclapa summit (1887 m), passing through the trenches and walkways dating back to the Great War. A steep descent leads to Bocca Dromaè (1675 m), where the third refreshment stand is positioned together with the second time check point, set at 3 hours and 15 minutes into the race.

The part of the race that connects the Parì summit to Bocca Dromaè is a technical and exposed stretch and requires the utmost attention from all competitors.

The route then climbs up the ridge of Cima d'Oro, right up to the panoramic summit (1802 m). Heading downhill, with magnificent views over the lakes of Ledro and Garda, competitors then reach the cross of Cima d'Oro (1703 m). The trenches lead to the area above the Salò shorelines, where the fourth refreshment stand is positioned - in the locality of Belvedere (1400 m).

Following the botanical trail, competitors descend down to the locality of Fior di Bella (900 m) and then follow the panoramic crossing down to the gates of Mezzolago (675 m).

The final 300 m sprint on tarmac brings the athletes to the finish line.

The route is 19.00 km long in total, with a 1610 m positive difference in altitude.

The maximum time to finish the race is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Route record:

Stofner Martin: 1h 48m 20s - 2017
Mutter Ingrid: 2h 16m 24s - 2017